Points of interest

Konitsa, a beautiful and picturesque town built amphitheatrically at the base of Mount Smolika is a town  full of history, starting from ancient times. Surrounded by hundreds of historical and religious monuments but also unique natural landscapes and the beautiful wilderness that attracts people from all over the world!

From Konitsa you can visit villages of unique architecture, monasteries, bridges and old mansions but also dragon lakes, mountains, rivers and valleys. A combination of old and modern culture, developed in complete balance with the unique natural landscape! These are just a few of the places one can visit. The area can satisfy even the most demanding visitor with the countless options available.


For those who are looking for adventure and adrenaline, there are plenty of options with the many activities taking place in the wider area of ​​Konitsa. Whether you are with your family looking for a relaxing inflatable boat ride, descending the river Voidomati (one of the cleanest rivers in all of Europe) or with friends and looking for a more extreme adrenaline rush, there are activities that will satisfy every wish. Rafting, kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, paragliding, climbing, mountain biking, via ferrata, fishing and off road enduro routes are some of the many activities you can do in the area!

Walk in the center

If you wish to visit the center of Konitsa, you have the opportunity to drink your coffee in one of the cafes in the area, choose from a variety of different foods as well as to taste traditional pies and sweets and of course the traditional tsipouro with fine delicacies.